Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stupid baby sites!

When Kota was born I made a website for family who don't live near us or are unable to come visit to see pics of him. I made it on www.aboutmybaby.com. Well, today I got an email from the site saying they will no longer be open and all sites and content will be deleted. Because of the economy they are no longer able to stay open. CRAP! Now I have to move all that site's content somewhere else. That was the best damn baby site host I ever found, and now they're leaving. Turds. I found another place that i'm working on building his site, on www.totsites.com. I'm getting aggrivated with having to move everything though. I don't save all the stuff on my laptop. I had it all uploaded on the AMB site and on a special photobucket, so nothing takes up space on my ancient laptop. Now I have to save everything back on here, and re-upload it on this new site. Ugh, how aggrivating. Then I have to email everyone who visits the site and let them know it's moving.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A very merry un-birthday, to me!

I feel like such an old fart. I'm now 24 years old. Sunday was my birthday. w00t?

My mom watched the little man while Mason and I went to the mall. I got new glasses, woohoo! We went to Lens Crafters and I picked out this really cute pair of pink glasses with sparkly rhinestones. I know, sounds tacky right? But they are so fucking awesome. After I pick the up i'll show you guys. They're friggin' sweet. :-D

I got my first Ed Hardy shirt. I know, I know, again, sounds tacky. But I thought it was so cute and I had to have it! I finally got a pair of stiletto boots too. I've wanted a pair since forever. I got a few other shirts too. So my birthday was pretty decent. My parents got me a chocolate fudge cake. So good!

In other news...

Today I got a text message from a 503 area code. It started out normal then got weird...

503: hey
me: who is this
503: Ryan who are you
me: Amy, I think you have the wrong number
503: how old are you?
me: 24. again, you have the wrong number, bye.
503: cool wanna text chat?
me: wtf no i'm blocking you now

and then I blocked his number. It was weird. I've never 'gotten the wrong number' when texting. And even if I did, I don't think i'd try to make friends with the person, or flirt with them or whatever. I'm glad my phone has the block feature. I'm not really up to seeing what else Mr "Ryan" had to say...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Round 2, Xmas update!

So, as I said in my short other post, Kota had a decent Christmas. I guess. Before the holidays everyone was talking about how great it was going to be shopping for the baby and spoiling him with tons of gifts. But once it was time to open presents, everyone was like "Oh, well...we couldn't think of anything to get him, so here's a stuffed bear". Yeah. He got lots of diapers, stuffed bears, and $100 cash.
I got a couple hundred dollars and a couple gift cards.
We got our PS3. It was a used one. Guess what? It worked once, and then DIED. Go fucking figure. Mason's parents buy everything used. I'm not surprised that it broke. So we took it back to where they got it and got a brand new, never used, not a re-furb'd WII!!! I love the Wii! It's so awesome! :) The only games with played on our PS2 area Guitar Hero, we have everything for that on the PS2, so we don't really need and PS3.

The one thing I got for Christmas that I really didn't want, was a cold. Blah. I feel like poo.

My birthday is this Sunday. I'll be 24. Man, i'm an old fart.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas pics!

I'll post more later! I didn't really get a lot of gifts, mostly money. People know i'm picky, haha!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

So i've been busting my ass all week cleaning the house for tomorrow (Xmas Eve) when we're having all of my family and all of May-son-ies family over. I've been going through boxes of stuff and putting a bunch of crap we don't need on CraigsList in the "free" section. Mason would probably kill me if he knew I was giving away stuff he paid for. But it's just JUNK! He goes out to flea markets and yardsales and buys JUNK! And then puts it in our spare room where it sits for months. This shit needs to GO NOW!!! Ugh.

Tomorrow i'll probably still be cleaning up until the last minute and people are arriving. I'll be cooking too. I'm cooking a ham, side dishes and baking a red velvet cake (my favorite, screw everyone else lol). I was up till 2am last night cleaning. I got up at 8am this morning, fed Kota, and got right back to cleaning.

Speaking of CraigsList, people on there are picky as fuck. They want everything for free, and they want it in brand new, still has the tags, great condition.
Ya know what, I was feeling extra generous. I made two gift bags for babies. In the bags were: about 10 jars of babyfood (fruits, veggies, meats EVERYTHING! not expired either!), toys, shampoo, lotion, etc... I put them in two NICE diaper bags that I don't use. I posted an ad for them on CL. A very detailed ad. NOT A SINGLE FREAKIN PERSON WANTED THEM. I'm giving away good, nice, clean, practicly brand new toys that Kota doesn't use, and FOOD, and not a single person was interested! I'm shocked! I figured someone would atleast respond and take the stuff and try to re-sell it, but nope. Not a word from anyone!

Then I put an ad for 3 free prom dresses. Davids Bridal brand for craps-sake! Size 2, 4 and 11 ( a little somethin for everyone lol).
Again, no one responds. FREE DRESSES!! Expensive ass dresses, FREE!!! Barely worn! No stains, no tears. PERFECT. FREE. DRESSES.

My niceness gets me no where.

I just really want this stuff out of my house. I'm trying to be nice and give it away for free, but no one wants to take it. I don't want to throw it away. I guess if it's not gone by next week, then i'll donate it to Salvation Army or something.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh blog, how i've neglected you!

I've been so tired lately. My little beefcake is teething and its getting bad. He stays up till midnight or later sometimes, then wakes up at 8am. I still feel dead tired now matter how much sleep I get. He's just a real crabby patty. I feel bad for the little guy, but i'm so freakin tired. He's not happy in his swing, or his bed, or his bouncy seat, or on his tummy time mat. He's happy when I hold him, for like, 5 minutes, then he's crabby again.
That damn baby orajel REALLY pisses him off! He likes teething rings, but only when their cold. Once its back to room temp he's crabby again. So we bought about 6 of the stupid things, so we always have one cold and ready.
Ugh, I just want to be able to go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 7 or 8 like usual. I wish those little white toothy demons would poke through, maybe then he wouldn't be such a crabass. *sigh*

Oh, and Kota scarred the shit out of me this afternoon! I was in the bathroom straightening my hair, I had him sitting in his bouncy seat in the door way. He had a pacifier and a toy, and he was happy just sitting there playing. All of a sudden he started screaming. I look down, and he's turned the paci around and has gotten the 'button' part of it stuck in his mouth. He somehow wedged it in, and it wouldn't come back out! His mouth was stuck open and his little arms were flailing and he was screaming and crying. I picked him up and attempted to pull the stupid paci out, but it was stuck in there good, it was behind his gums. He couldn't open his mouth wide enough for me to pull it out. So I squeezed his chubby cheeks to try and get his mouth to open wider, and yanked it out. He cried for a few seconds and then was fine.
This was the first time he's done that with this kind of paci (its a differant one than I usually give him).
That bastard paci is now in the garbage.
I cuddled him and kissed him for a little while and then sat him back in his seat. He started playing again like nothing ever happened. :-/

Last weekend we went to the Wire Grass outdoor mall and saw the Christmas tree light show. It was freakin' sweet. :)

Huge trees!

Xmas trees at Wire Grass

ღஐღ I ♥ my little family!ღஐღ MySpace Video

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Mason and his parents have been running around all week looking for a backwards compatible PS3. Mason is all excited because it's going to be his Xmas gift. So he's tellinge everyone else he wants PS3 games as gifts. We were talking last night and he was like "Wow, my parents are really going all out this Christmas! There spending a lot of money on gifts!!" I said "That's awesome, I can't wait to see what they're getting me if they got you a PS3!" and he looked at me and said "Oh....it's a 'joint gift', it's for both of us..."

Why the fuck would I want a PS3 for Christmas? I was never even asked what I wanted. Mason has been talking about getting one for months, so now his parents are getting one for Xmas. Now I find out that because all Mason wants for the holidays is a PS3, that it's *my* gift too. Fantastic.
How about instead of spending hundreds of dollars on this stupid thing, we just ask for money for rent. We can barely afford to pay our own bills! Now we'll have a game system we wont be able to buy games for. WONDERFUL!

All I want for Christmas is someone to watch the little beefcake for a few hours while I go get a mani/pedi or a massage, or something else equally relaxing.