Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

So i've been busting my ass all week cleaning the house for tomorrow (Xmas Eve) when we're having all of my family and all of May-son-ies family over. I've been going through boxes of stuff and putting a bunch of crap we don't need on CraigsList in the "free" section. Mason would probably kill me if he knew I was giving away stuff he paid for. But it's just JUNK! He goes out to flea markets and yardsales and buys JUNK! And then puts it in our spare room where it sits for months. This shit needs to GO NOW!!! Ugh.

Tomorrow i'll probably still be cleaning up until the last minute and people are arriving. I'll be cooking too. I'm cooking a ham, side dishes and baking a red velvet cake (my favorite, screw everyone else lol). I was up till 2am last night cleaning. I got up at 8am this morning, fed Kota, and got right back to cleaning.

Speaking of CraigsList, people on there are picky as fuck. They want everything for free, and they want it in brand new, still has the tags, great condition.
Ya know what, I was feeling extra generous. I made two gift bags for babies. In the bags were: about 10 jars of babyfood (fruits, veggies, meats EVERYTHING! not expired either!), toys, shampoo, lotion, etc... I put them in two NICE diaper bags that I don't use. I posted an ad for them on CL. A very detailed ad. NOT A SINGLE FREAKIN PERSON WANTED THEM. I'm giving away good, nice, clean, practicly brand new toys that Kota doesn't use, and FOOD, and not a single person was interested! I'm shocked! I figured someone would atleast respond and take the stuff and try to re-sell it, but nope. Not a word from anyone!

Then I put an ad for 3 free prom dresses. Davids Bridal brand for craps-sake! Size 2, 4 and 11 ( a little somethin for everyone lol).
Again, no one responds. FREE DRESSES!! Expensive ass dresses, FREE!!! Barely worn! No stains, no tears. PERFECT. FREE. DRESSES.

My niceness gets me no where.

I just really want this stuff out of my house. I'm trying to be nice and give it away for free, but no one wants to take it. I don't want to throw it away. I guess if it's not gone by next week, then i'll donate it to Salvation Army or something.

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