Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Round 2, Xmas update!

So, as I said in my short other post, Kota had a decent Christmas. I guess. Before the holidays everyone was talking about how great it was going to be shopping for the baby and spoiling him with tons of gifts. But once it was time to open presents, everyone was like "Oh, well...we couldn't think of anything to get him, so here's a stuffed bear". Yeah. He got lots of diapers, stuffed bears, and $100 cash.
I got a couple hundred dollars and a couple gift cards.
We got our PS3. It was a used one. Guess what? It worked once, and then DIED. Go fucking figure. Mason's parents buy everything used. I'm not surprised that it broke. So we took it back to where they got it and got a brand new, never used, not a re-furb'd WII!!! I love the Wii! It's so awesome! :) The only games with played on our PS2 area Guitar Hero, we have everything for that on the PS2, so we don't really need and PS3.

The one thing I got for Christmas that I really didn't want, was a cold. Blah. I feel like poo.

My birthday is this Sunday. I'll be 24. Man, i'm an old fart.

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