Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stupid baby sites!

When Kota was born I made a website for family who don't live near us or are unable to come visit to see pics of him. I made it on www.aboutmybaby.com. Well, today I got an email from the site saying they will no longer be open and all sites and content will be deleted. Because of the economy they are no longer able to stay open. CRAP! Now I have to move all that site's content somewhere else. That was the best damn baby site host I ever found, and now they're leaving. Turds. I found another place that i'm working on building his site, on www.totsites.com. I'm getting aggrivated with having to move everything though. I don't save all the stuff on my laptop. I had it all uploaded on the AMB site and on a special photobucket, so nothing takes up space on my ancient laptop. Now I have to save everything back on here, and re-upload it on this new site. Ugh, how aggrivating. Then I have to email everyone who visits the site and let them know it's moving.

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