Monday, November 16, 2009

Stupid debit card. Stupid Taco Bell!

So I got a call yesterday evening from the library telling me my books were over-due. So today I took them back. On the drive home I passed by a salon/spa that does waxing. So I did a quick U-ie and went to get my brow's waxed! :) After a lovely (and painful) wax, I whip out my debit card to pay. The lady tells me they only take credit. I said she could run it as credit and it'd work too. So after about 10 swipes, she tells me my card is being declined. AHHHHH!!! So I give her my car keys and run across the street to a Micky D's to use their ATM.
FUCK! So I bought a vanilla iced coffee and got $40 cash back. Go pay the waxer lady and go on my way.
Next stop was Taco Bell because I was hungry. Duh. I get a chicken burrito and a large diet Pepsi. Go through the drive-thru, hand the lady my debit card. DECLINED. Again! So I pay with cash.
Munchin on my burrito as I pull into Wallyworld. Head to their ATM, pull out $40 (so I don't look like an asshat at the register if my card is declined again) and get what I came for. Which was:
Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly shampoo and conditioner (never used it before! if you have, tell me if it works or not!)
Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser
Aquafina Advaned Hydration exfoliating facial scrub (LOVE THIS STUFF!! it's hard to find though!!)
Venus Spa Breeze razor
New makeup train-case storage thingy
Latest Teen Vogue
and tampons (w00t?)

So I get home, log on to my bank's website to check my balance and make sure I haven't over drafted or anything. It says I still have $101 in my account, and it shows all the transactions I made today (McDonalds and the ATM at Walmart).
Stupid freakin waxer lady and Taco Bell! I wonder why my card wouldn't work there? Grrr... Makin' me look like an asshat. :-/


  1. I'm stealing that one...asshat! That cracked me up! I've had problems with my card before. Make sure it's not to close to your cell phone inside your purse it can cause problems! Also wipe the silver strip with a soft loth to give it a quick clean that works sometimes alos! Good luck!
    Now off to find someone that I can call asshat!!

  2. I hate it when stuff like that happens! One time, we were at Walmart and had about $250 worth of groceries and our card was declined! Had to walk out without everything and then go to the bank to figure out what was up. Stupid bank on that one... they credited something wrong. I hate being made to look like an asshat too!

  3. I hate when that happens because then the cashier and the people behind you line look at you like your a leper or something.... so embarrassing!