Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the hunt again...

Tomorrow, after Mason gets off work, we're going to go look at a townhouse. Yep, back to apartment-like living. I HATE living in an apartment. I hate having people live above or under me. I've never had a pleasant time living in an apartment. I always get stuck next to the douche bags who play loud music at 3am or couples that yell and argue all the time. Maybe a townhouse won't be so bad, since the only neighbors we'll have are next to us, instead of under or above us. At least this will be more like a house. Plus it's 1100 sq ft, which is bigger than our house. The only thing I wont like is the stairs. Gawd I hate stairs. I'm fat and lazy, I don't want STAIRS!

Speaking of being fat and lazy....
I noticed today that i'm starting to look pregnant again. And no, i'm not pregnant. Since having Kota, and not being on my strict gestational diabetic diet, i've ballooned. Sweet Jesus Pants, have I ballooned. And every day I say "tomorrow i'm going to start exercising!" as I stuff and handful of tater chips in my mouth. I was never Nicole Richie before, but I wasn't Rosie O'donnell either. But i'll be damned if my belly isn't starting to muffin top. Gross.
So tomorrow I really truly am going to exercise. Seriously. Maybe. It's too damn hot outside. It's fucking November, I live in Florida, and it's still 90 outside. BLARG!!!! I need some motivation. My too tight pants should be motivation enough, but apparently it's not.

Ugh, I don't even want to talk/type about this any more. It's making me angry.


  1. hey girl, i'm natalie's (over at consistently inconsistent) friend and i saw your blog on her list, read it once, and have been hooked ever since! i figured i should stop being a creeper though and actually make friends instead of just stalking! :p
    anyways, i once apt hunted in nyc in the summer. i feel your pain! it SUCKS to be so excited about all these places you're going to see and then you get there and you're all "THAT'S the spacious master?!? pshh!" look at the bright side: at least you don't have to walk around to each showing in the heat like you do in the city! anyways, good luck!

  2. for the you get Netflix, if so they have a great selection you can watch instantly on your computer.

    I've down the town house thing, not so bad, definitly better than apartments. Just pray the next door neighboor doesnt sound like he is hacking up BOTH lungs everynight...all night.

  3. dude- IT IS TOO FUCKING HOT OUTSIDE. I won't even take the baby for walks in this heat, fuuuuck.

  4. Man, we rent a house and I would rather have an apartment. Having to mow the yard sucks. I am right there with you on the exercising. I am about to join The Bloggest Loser as a way of being accountable. Also, spark people is pretty cool. Speaking of.... I need to go do a work out now. Tnx for the reminder!