Sunday, October 18, 2009

Howl O Scream pics!

Howl-O-Scream was awesome! I used the new Hard Candy eyeshadow I bought, I really like it! It does crease a bit, but otherwise it had great staying power!

They had a "vampire fashion show" which was pretty awesome

My poor baby was stuck at his grandma's house till 1am! He couldn't sleep because they kept all the lights on and the TV was on. Man, was he crabby when we came to pick him up! He fell asleep as soon as we got him home though!
Saturday was a huge yard sale day in our area. We found all kinds of goodies! Plus it was pretty cold out, so walking around outside for hours wasn't so bad. It was Kota's first day outside in the cold, so of course I took lots of pics!

We actually found this Snugli sling at one of the yard sales for 50 cents. I wasn't sure he'd like riding in it, but he LOVED it! He actually fell asleep for a little while.

Even daddy wore baby:

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