Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Hunt

Sunday we spent the whole day looking for awesome Halloween decorations. Places like Walmart and Target usually have a good selection of decorations, but this year, they have NOTHING! We went to an actual Halloween store and the prices were outrageous! We ended up looking on CraigsList and finding some stuff.

(baby at the Halloween store)

I pulled out my Halloween costume from last year. It's a big puffy red and black dress. It came with devil horns, but instead of the horns I may just get some vampire teeth and be a vampire instead of a devil. Kota is going as a pumpkin, the typical baby Halloween costume! Mason isn't dressing up, as usual. I was kind of worried my costume wouldn't fit. But I was pregnant when I wore it last year, so it HAD to fit now lol! It does. :)

(costume pics from last year)
h1.jpg picture by YouMakeLifeSuck

h2.jpg picture by YouMakeLifeSuck

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  1. cute baby! they do all have to be pumpkins their first year dont they...