Monday, December 7, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Kota had his 6 month checkup today. My suspicions were confirmed: he has two teeth coming in the (bottom) front. Poor teething baby! He's had trouble sleeping and has just been an all around crabby patty. :-/ His pedi said they'd probably break through before Christmas! Someone, please, stop this child from growing up. :( I don't want him to get teefers. I love his toothless smile! And he just wont seem like a baby any more!!! :( "Little kids" have teeth, not "babies". NOT BABIES!!!! waaaaaaaahhhh!!! :(
He got his vaccines again. Two shots and the oral vaccine stuff. Then I decided to get him his flu shot. He didn't even cry at first. He got the first two shots and just kind of got this confused look on his face. Then he got the third one and his face scrunched up and he opened his mouth. Before he could let out a cry I threw the pacifier in there lol! I picked him up and he was okay within a few seconds. My little trooper. ♥
Today I went on a walk with the baby. He had his Pooh Bear in the stroller with him and he was "talking" to him the whole way! I decided to give jogging a try. I learned that mommy doesn't jog. Back in high school I ran on the track a lot (for fun, not on the team). That was back when I had more of an "athletic" figure to me. Now I have a "mommy" figure, and this mommy doesn't jog. I'd like to do this walking thing every day to get back in shape, but the Florida weather has been really shitty lately. Rainy all the time, and cold as hell (wait, that doesn't even make sense lol).
We got the tile finished in the kitchen. I'll post pics tomorrow or something. It's still a mess in there.

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