Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend updates!

Something amazing happened! Kota sat up on his own!!! :-D I had him propped up with pillows on the bed and I was getting ready to go to the mall, and he kept trying to sit up (he's been doing this for a few weeks now). He stiffens his arms and balls up his little fists and strains to sit up. This time HE DID IT!!! He sat up!!! He was a little wobbly and eventually fell over, but omg, he sat up!!!

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Of course, right before I took the pic he started to fall forward, so I have my hand ready to catch him. LOL!
I'm so proud of my little guy *tear* he's becoming a big boy!!
Another big event! Kota turned 5 months old! YAY!!!

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My big boy and daddy!

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We also went to look at a few townhouses and apartments this weekend. We saw one that was HUGE and I loved it. Of course, Mason hated it. He said we couldn't fit our couch in the front door, so it was out of the question. He said we'd go look at these townhomes his grandma used to live in because they were really nice and cheap. So while he was at work today, my mom and I went to go look. I'm not impressed. There's no gym, no washer/dryer hookup so you have to use their laundry room ($1.50 a load) and it just doesn't seem that big to me. Plus they have closed in porches, but your porch is connected to someone elses, only divided by a screen. That would be kind of awkward. Mason smokes, so what if he goes onto the porch to smoke, and the person next door doesn't? That could mean problems. The townhouse itsself isn't horrible. It's bigger than our house now, but I don't know, it just kind of feels weird to me. We'll see I guess. At least there is a pool and playground there! I guess I could go jogging around instead of using a gym. Or I could just sneak and get a gym membership somewhere else! ;)

What's really good though, is that the townhouse we'd get is one on the end of the building. So there would only be other people on one side of us. Which is what we wanted! :-D


  1. Yay congrats on Kota sitting up! He is sooo cute. And good luck on the continuin house hunts.

  2. Go Kota! They grow up so darn fast.... I hope you get a new place that makes you happy.

  3. i cannot waiiiiit for Jonah to sit up! that way I don't have to prop him up against a pillow while I straighten my hair and have to re-prop him over & over because he slumps over