Saturday, November 7, 2009

New makeup and townhouses!

So at Wallyworld the other day, I was farting around in the makeup section and I stumbled upon Wet -N- Wild, a brand I haven't used since I was probably in middle school. That was the first brand of makeup I ever started using, because it was cheap! ;)
They had new eyeshadow's:

® Eyeshadow Trios

"A must have for alluring eyes! This award-winning eye makeup compact contains three complementary eye shadow shades that blend together to highlight and define your eyes. Use one shade or all three shades to create your own personal look!"

They were only $3 (I believe I could be wrong, hubby paid for it, not me lol). I got Venetian Violets and Mojave Mauves.
I'm really surprised! I use the mauves today. I did my makeup around 9am this morning and it's lasted all day, till about 10:30pm when I took a shower and took off my makeup! It did't crease or smear. It faded a very little bit, but still looked fantastic!! For the price, i'm very impressed! :-D

I also convinced hubby to go view a town house. Tomorrow we're going around 1pm. I was on and I looked up our old apartments. 21% of people would recomment living there. How horrible is that?! I looked up the complex we're going to go view tomorrow, and 70% of people would recommend living there. Much better! We'll see how we like it!! :)

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