Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not of age?

I was heading to Dairy Queen last night when hubby called me and asked me to pick him up some ciggies while I was out. I was driving right past Wallyworld, so I decided to just pull in there and get them. I wait in their infamous long as hell line. Go up to the counter, ask for a pack of Newports. She asks for my ID, I give her my ID. She types in my birth date. Then tells me i've been declined.
I tell her I'm almost 24 years old, how am I declined? So she puts in my birth date again. Again it says i'm declined. Apparently i'm not of age. I tell her to put it in AGAIN. It's 1/3/86. Damnit do you want ME to do it?! She said she can't do it any more and she cannot sell me the Newports.


Ugh. So I go around the corner to a liquor store. I got the Newports there. EIGHT FUCKING DOLLARS! Sweet Jesus Pants. I tell the cashier dude there about my Wallyworld dilemma and he just laughs and asks to see my ID. No problems there. I don't know what the idiot at Walmart was doing, I don't think she even knew what she was doing. I thought maybe they raised the age limit of buying cigs to like, 30 or something.
Stupid Walmart bitch. Makin me look like an asshat. Everyone in the line behind me was giving me the death stare. They probably thought I had a fake ID or something! Ugh.

The finalist for Baby Idol will be announced later today! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Kota is one of them!!!!! :-D

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  1. um yeah, I WOULD HAVE ASKED TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER. bull-fucking-shit!