Monday, November 2, 2009

Looks can deceive!

OMG we are so disappointed in the inside of the house. The outside was beautiful, but the inside was a mess. The layout of the house was really weird. The walls were cracked from the ceiling to the floor, paint chipping and peeling everywhere. The only nice thing was the new cabinets and granite counter tops in the kitchen. The appliances were straight outta the 50's! The "third bedroom" was a closed in carport, that was constructed HORRIBLY! It looked like it was about to fall apart. It was so disappointing. The guy from Remax talked about the house like it was the fuckin' Don Cesar. We would of spent thousands of dollars just getting the house in livable condition.


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  1. Don't get discouraged. Mr E and I looked a little over two years for our FIRST home. We were in no rush and saw so many duds it was unbelievable. But hang in there you will find that house that is just PERFECT for you.