Friday, November 6, 2009

Husbands are dumb.

So hubby did something that really pissed me off last night. When he got home from work, we had dinner, then I asked what time he wanted to go view the townhouse. He said he doesn't want to. He said that there is no where for him to put his TOOLS. I said "But it's cheaper, and bigger, and has a pool and playground all this other awesome crap" but he still said there is no where to put his tools. I said there is a porch and a storage thingy outside. But he said he wants a garage.
I got pissed. I told him that the tools can stay with his parents, right down the road. This place is bigger and cheaper and better than our piece of shit house. It'd be better for all of us, especially the baby. He told me to stop trying to make him feel guilty because it wasn't going to work. He should fucking feel guilty! All he's worried about is his tools! He'd rather stay in some piece of shit tiny house so his tools can sit safely in a shed, than live in a bigger, cheaper home with a pool and a playground and a gym. I don't get it. I really don't fucking get it. I told him that was ridiculous and he needed to start thinking about his FAMILY instead of the goddamned tools. He got up and left the room and wouldn't talk to me.
We never did go view the townhouse.

And theeeeen........
I get out of the shower and he's on my laptop. He has his own computer. I ask him why the fuck he's on mine. And guess what he's doing? He's applying for a loan. A fucking $60,000 loan to BUY a house. He went in my purse and got my social security number to get it as a "join loan" or whatever. OMG did that piss me off even more.
He said he figured it would make me happy if we got the loan. Yeah, whatever, it'd be fan-fucking-tastic, but he didn't need to go through my shit to get my SSN! He could of just asked!
I asked him if that meant he found a house he liked (because so far, all the houses we find, he just has to find a problem with it) and he said no, we'd worry about that later if we're approved.

Gah. We're never going to move.

But I did learn that my credit score is better than his.
Nanner nanner! :-D

I'm taking a bunch of clothes and purses I never wear to Plato's closet so I can get some new shirts. And maybe some winter wear. And shoes, of course. I'm obviously thinking that they're going to give me a ton of money for this crap i'm bringing in. But in reality, I think the most I ever got was $20. You could bring in a never worn Juicy Couture track suit, 5 coach bags and Prada shades and they'll tell you they can give you $30 for all of it. Then turn around and make $300 off the crap they just paid you $30 for. Whatever.
But since hubby says right now he can't afford to buy me wintery clothes, i'll take whatever I can get. Because right now, for once, it's like 60 degrees outside. *gasp*
Plus I need some retail therapy. It's been a while.

Maybe I should go exercise...

.... NOT!

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