Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is Halloween Town!

Halloween is this weekend!! EEEEE!! I'm so excited! I love Halloween! :-D Mason's aunt Lori gave us a bunch of her Halloween decorations since she now lives in a deed restricted community and can no longer decorate. Sucks to live there! Awesome for us though!

(Mason setting some of the stuff up)

(Kota hanging out with me in the Snugli, watchin Daddy decorate)

So tomorrow is Mason's 23rd birthday. Lucky me, i'm a stay at home mom with no income, so that means I don't have to buy gifts! YAY! Not. I feel horrible. I feel bad even making him a special dinner just knowing that he bought the food. Gah!! I'm considering taking some of my clothes and purses I don't use any more to Plato's closet and getting some cash and buying him a cake or something. I told him i'd give him "birthday sex" and he asked how it's different from normal everyday sex. I said it would be his birthday, that's how it's different lol! Not every day is his birthday!

letssex.gif Lets sex image by jn3pfs

It was a week or two before his birthday last year that I found out I was pregnant (Oct. 13th). I could fuck with him and tell him i'm pregnant again. Nah, that's just mean lol! I mean, I gave him the gift of an adorable little son, I should be exempt from ever giving another gift again! Babies are the best gifts evar! :-D

I can has sibling?! :)

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  1. hahahahaha@ the special dinner with food HE bought. That't totally me. Like... on my DH's birthday this past August I bought him a bunch of football paraphanalia. With the money HE made. Is that wrong?