Monday, October 26, 2009

Nomz & Houses

Mason found these crackers at Walmart called Baby Mum-Mum. He was reading the box and it said you can start to give baby the crackers when he starts to eat solid foods and showing interest in his hands. Since Kota likes to eat solids, and whatever he gets a hold of always goes into his mouth, might as well get him something he can hold and eat.

They're veggie flavored. He likes it! First fingerfood = SUCCESS! :-D

We looked at a house yesterday. You know those neighborhoods you drive by and say "Man, i'm going to live in there one day!" because they have all these nice houses you can only dream of owning? Yeah, it was one of those. It was AH-MA-ZING!

image 1435436165-0

image 1435436165-1

Cathedral ceilings, backs up to nature preserve, wood and tile floors, split bedroom floor plan, new roof, A/C!! OMG HUGE CLOSET!!! Huge bedrooms!! Over 2000 sq ft!!! BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD!!!

It was rent to own. But we would need to put down an $8000 deposit, which we don't have. I even asked my dad if we could borrow the money, he said "Try to find some place cheaper". Blah. I don't want some place cheaper, I want THAT house!!! We could have that house if we could just get our paws on $8000!!

Whats funny is, earlier that day, we checked out another house we were interested in renting. It didn't look too bad online. But then we got to the neighborhood and it was a whole 'nother story! NOT a good area! We talked to the guy who lived across the street and he told us that you really have to watch it because your stuff will "grow legs and walk off on you". Great....
The house wasn't even close to the pics we saw online:

image 1437199473-3

image 1437199473-0

The front of it looked okay. But inside was a disaster. The floor was disgusting, tiles were ripped up and broken. There was garbage everywhere. The windows on the side of the house were broken. The garage on the side/back part of the house was full of junk that the other renter left there. It was a joke. That picture of the inside of the house looks nothing like it does in real life.

I get the feeling we're never going to find a new house!

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