Monday, November 30, 2009

Lots of pics!!

Man, did we have a busy weekend!! Thanksgiving was busy, and it was all down hill from there! We avoided going out on black Friday though. Except to Chic-Fil-A. The one down the road from us has these amazing Christmas Lights every year. So me, Mason, baby and my parents took the little guy to go see some awesome lights!

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Me and baby in the parking lot with the Chic-Fil-A behind us!

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Daddy and baby

We went in and I got one of the holiday milkshakes: peppermint and chocolate chip! It was soooooo good!!! :-D One of the employees was giving all of the little kids balloons and he asked if we wanted one for baby. Mason was like "Nah, what the heck is he going to do with a balloon?" but I said "Hellz yes we'll take one!!". So Kota got his first balloon! :) He kept staring at it bob around. I tied it to his little wrist.

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Saturday we drove out to Spring Hill again to spend the weekend. We helped Mason's aunts put up their holiday decorations and lights. They cooked us some delicious Italian sausage (omg soooo good!!!).
When we got home Sunday, Mason put up some lights outside and and put up the Christmas tree. I got to give him the surprise ornimate, yay! It's next to one of our other custom ornamates we had made a few years ago. :)

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And over the weekend we made a very special discovery! Kota is getting a tooth!!! Which would explain his crabbyness and extream dooling! Awww! I'm going to miss his toothless smile!

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