Thursday, November 12, 2009


Alrighty people, I did something I don't get to do very often. It's something I think everyone should do once a month (if possible)...

SHOP! For yourself! I mean balls to the wall, see it. want it. buy it. SHOPPING!

It feels so good. I needed to get that out of my system. Ok, now that i'm back to broke, i'll be good for another month. Maybe.

But, I did get two things I swore i'd never buy.
1. A plaid shirt. Can we say 'redneck chic'? I always made fun of those shirts. But I found one that was uber cute.

2. Leggings. Another thing I hated! Till I bought a shirt/dress a few weeks ago that would look perfect with leggings. So now I own some.

My first stop was good 'ol Walmart! I hit the clearance rack and the makeup section! I got my leggings from Walmart (Miley Cyrus brand, hahaha)

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My "bat wing" sweater type thingy. I'm not really sure the actual name for those kinds of sleeves, but they remind me a bat wings, so i'm going with that. :-P

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Grey pants, straight leg. I bought them in Khaki too. All of my pre-pregnancy jeans were too big, so I tried on a pair that were two sizes smaller than I used to wear. They fit. W00t!! So I bought two pairs! :) When I got home I put them on and as I was walking around the house, they started to fall down. Maybe I need a smaller size, still? ;)

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3 things from Hard Candy: a lipstick, a colored lipgloss that came with a free lipliner, mascara and Cover Girl eyeliner. I've tried both the lipsticks and they are both AWESOME! Plus I love the tube!
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And then, at the mall, Charlotte Russe was havinga $4.99 clearance sale. So I got...

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My one and only plaid shirt! :-D

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Cute blue stretchy ruffly shirt. My camera kind of screwed up the color, but thats ok, you get the idea.

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A mix of accesories I got from Charlotte Russe and The Icing (they were having their 5 for $10 sale!)

And my last stop was the custom ornament kiosk in the mall! Mason and I got one made in 2006 when we first got together. I figured, since we have a little family now, it was time to get another one. So i'm going to surprise him with it once we put up our tree! :)

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Oh, and I have like, the best news EVAR! We don't have to move!!!!!!!!!!! The landlord agreed to lower our rent to $750!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! No apartment living for us!! :-D

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  1. Looks like you scored some nice stuff! Good for you!!